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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sensestamps review

Sensestamps review

My opinion about sensestamps.

Some info:
1. Sensestamps are not really drugs, at least owners of the store (www.sensestamps.com) claim they're not. 
2. No one uploaded a decent photo of those and im certainly not gonna be the first non-lazy one. (They pretty much look like lsd to give you an idea)
3. You take them just like lsd - put on your tongue and wait till the elephant bites you. 
4. There are fuck lot of them, im here reviewing "Buddha Bundle" ones. Meditation and lucid dreaming extracts x30. Ordinary ones are x10. Only hardcore, baby!
5. I myself never purchased them, sensestamps are provided by a friend who's into meditations. He claims they're legit dope. Let's find out!


  • Taste: bitter
  • Cost: 3/10 (~$60 for 48 pieces)
  • Effect: So i put three pieces on my mouth and started to write this article. At first i thought it's a bust. It got better since i found myself looking for 10 min on the top pic. Right now i feel a bit trippy and really lazy to type. I have a mood for some decent reggae. No hallucinations and shit, but if i kinda want to just look straight at something. It's hard to concentrate on something and no desire to do such thing. To sum up I'd tell it's relaxing shit. Not like any decent sativa relaxing, but still pretty good. 

 Positive: Really cheap, legal, very good if you need relaxing evening and you ran out of weed. 
 Negative: long delivery (11 days to Cali for my body), not a bit like lsd. 

Overall: 7/10 - will buy myself and test some more, if asked would tell to try. 


Review of siberian shrooms coming soon. 
Will be making trip report!