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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get salvia they said

Get Salvia they said

It will be fun they said

Get salvia those bastards said...

Hello fellows! Im still in Dubai. Promised to make a review about trippystamps and i will!

Really quickly and back to salvia! 

Trippystamps review

As i told you already, got the package few days ago (sure felt like a fucking year this last days) 

The deal is simple - put one on your tongue (i accidentally ate the damn paper - don't do that)

Shit starts to blow your brains out in about 10-20 min

You don't get any visuals until you close your eyes

Shit gets really blurry and fucked up in about half an hour and the trip lasted for about 10 minutes for me

It's really hard to describe

My friend who watched me tripping said that i was looking "normal" 

It felt weird, not shroom weird (yes btw i remember to post Siberian shrooms report) but close

Well for 10 minutes i wasn't in my hotel room - that's for sure

I remember speaking out loud, but Lucas (my friend and trip sensei) said i didn't. 

I have a good memory of what happened but i rather think about that in private, sorry.


  1. Waaay better than sensestamps
  2. Waaaaay cheaper than they need to sell it
  3. Waaaaaaaaay better than i expected
Taste: Fucking awful (sense stamps are candies compared to trippys)
Price: Really good (about $20 for 3 pieces) 
Effect: Mind blowing for a legal stuff 


Yesterday we decided to 

Get salvia

 First thing you need to know about salvia is how fucking hard it is to get the fucking salvia in Dubai!

1oz costs like a jet 

And you need to go places and do things i will be discussing with my shrink!

(just kidding, i don't visit shrinks)[anymore]

My salvia trip

Really quickly

I smoked a bit and went in outer space immediately

It was intense and scary

I was sweating like a bloody pig at the time 

Get salvia they said...

It was scary, but then i met HIM...

To be continued!



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trippystamps review (CS)

Trippystamps review

(Coming soon)

I'm in Dubai right now

and I've got to tell you 

Sober country (UAE) sure knows how to party !!!

I've got some trippystamps delivered right to my hotel room this morning

I recently reviewed "sensestamps" and apparently  they have some connection so they made me a good discount to try out trippystamps.

Anywhore, this evening will try them and write honest review

BTW sorry about not posting any shit lately - i have some work stuff to do in order to buy and review dope :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Got stopped by a copper today
2oz +  in pockets
$40 fine for speeding

It was a good day